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Are Portable Air Conditioners Worth it?

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Portable air conditioners sound all good, I mean convenience, flexibility, less power consumption, and nice cool air on a hot summer night but are they really worth it? The answer is yes! However you need to get the right one for your space and specific cooling needs, otherwise, it could be a waste of money.  In this article, we will share the main pros and cons of portable air conditioners so that it is easier for you to determine whether they are worth it and if getting one is the ideal option for you.



Portable air conditioners are an affordable answer to your heat problems, especially if you live in a small space. They are not only cheaper in terms of their actual price, but they also save energy costs, therefore, reducing your electrical bill. Portable air conditioners can also come in handy if you only need cooling for a specific room and do not want to operate your central air conditioning system, as this can be expensive. It is possible to get a great portable air conditioner for less than $500, which is a pretty sweet deal if you ask us.

Easy to Install and Use

Portable air conditioners are also easy to install and move around if need be so there is no need to call in a professional like you would need to with a conventional window air conditioner. Did we mention that they are ready to use right out of the box? Well, they are and you will not need to make any changes to the room you plan to set them up in as you would with other types of air conditioning. This makes them perfect for apartments as many apartment buildings and even some homeowners associations are not in support of having a window air conditioner due to drilling and other installation procedures.


From the name, it is obvious that portable air conditioners are easier to transport from one place to the other. A good number of the models available are lightweight and easy to carry. Some even have built-in casters so you can easily wheel them from room to room. If you need a cooling solution when you are doing some work in the garage or something compact enough to take when you go away on a family holiday, then this right here is your answer.

Energy Efficient

Operating a portable air conditioner is more cost-effective as compared to operating a central air conditioner since it is more compact. Also, it enables you to cool a single area as compared to the whole house, making it quite efficient. Better yet, you can opt for a model that comes with a programmable thermostat so that you can set the temperature and it can automatically go off when the room reaches the desired temperature.

Extra Features

Another perk of portable ACs is that they come with some handy extra features that make your experience much more enjoyable. For example, there are some models that support Wi-Fi control, which makes controlling them easier plus with the companion app, you can even control your AC remotely. How cool is that? Other impressive features that portable air conditioners come with include built-in high-efficiency air filters to clean the air by removing allergens which are especially beneficial for those with respiratory disorders as well as built-in heaters meaning that the AC can be used all through the year. Talk about value for money!

Don’t Block Natural Light

Portable air conditions only need a little window space for the intake/exhaust hose as compared to a conventional window air conditioner, making them ideal for those who do not get much natural light into their space.

Easy to Maintain

From what we have mentioned so far, you can see that portable ACs are hassle-free. They also require little to no maintenance… can you say win! Some portable air conditioners feature a fully self-evaporative design, which means they do not need to undergo daily maintenance as the water evaporates during the dehumidification process. The best part is, you will not need to call a maintenance person to come over as frequently as you would have to with a traditional air conditioner.

Whether you live in a rented apartment or your own home, portable conditioners will definitely come in handy. They can also serve as a backup cooling system in case your main air conditioner breaks down.



Well to be fair, all air conditioners do make noise but most portable air conditioners add a substantial amount of noise to a room when compared to a window or split air conditioner. Although this is usually termed as background noise, if you are a light sleeper, it may disruptive. If you prefer a quiet air conditioner, it is best to look for models that include “quiet” as a feature. However, the only way you can be truly sure about the noise level of a portable air conditioner is by reading other user’s reviews online.

Only Cools Small Spaces

Portable air conditions are usually compact and therefore can only effectively cool smaller spaces. If you need to cool your entire house all at once, it is best to opt for a central air conditioner. Also if you need to cool a larger room, a portable air conditioner may not do so adequately.

Tough Water Management

As we mentioned in the cons under the maintenance of portable air conditioners, some of them usually double as a dehumidifier and thus the moisture that is absorbed needs to be disposed of. This means that you would need to place the portable air conditioner close to a window or some other similar spot in order to get rid of the moisture, which can end up restricting you.

Winding Up

Whether you decide to opt for a portable air conditioner will highly depend on your needs and preferences. These include the size of the room you need to cool, how often the AC will be in use as well as your budget. And now that you have more information, you will be able to make a wiser decision.

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